"I recently ordered several sample packets of Agnus Dei incense. I was thoroughly impressed with the kind and respectful service that I received and their attention to every detail of my order. The order was shipped promptly and arrived at my residence in perfect condition. Additionally I must say that the incense blends by Agnus Dei are a wonderful new addition to the many varieties available at most religious goods stores." --Customer from Wisconsin

"I was referred to the Angus Dei Company by the good Fr.Z. The Seminary I attend has benefited greatly by their beautifully made altar breads and custom incense. I am very satisfied with their prompt and courteous service. May God bless the Walters family as they continue to serve Holy Mother Church."-Michael Rocha, Seminarian, Archdiocese of San Francisco, California

"Agnus Dei Communion Breads & Incense has provided reliable and friendly service with a quality product. The embossed hosts add dignity to Holy Communion at our parish." Father William Miller

"The incense is top notch. Finding a nice smelling incense that does not cause the congregation to breakdown in coughing fits is a holy grail of sorts. I have literally not found anything better than your product. I especially like the the finer grained incense, like Gloria, Pleasure, Fides et (?), and the like. The bigger-pieced incense takes longer to melt and produce smoke (occasional masses and hour hours of adoration). It's harder to use a little and get a quick smoke. I will definitely be ordering more from y'all and recommending you to priest friends.

I also very happy to support a Catholic small business in service to the Holy liturgy." Fr. A.T. Louisiana